Mikutowski  Woodworking

wood boxes

Known for their masterful workmanship and fine details of each piece,  Mikutowski Woodworking is noted for their signature inlay work on many of the jewelry-box lids. Each piece of lumber is carefully chosen allowing the natural grain of the wood to shine through in the final product.

Shaker Boxes by Carl Huth

shaker wood boxes

Carl Huth’s oval boxes, carefully measured from original boxes, are handcrafted and secured by copper tacks and the tops and bottoms are fastened with wooden pegs. Each box is finely finished and hand buffed until it “glows”. Carl’s fine craftsmanship earned him a place in Early American Crafts in 2018.

Wooden Bowls by Jim Eliopulos

Master lathe-turner Jim Eliopulos has perfected the craft of using a wood lathe to produce his unique wooden bowls.  Finished with beeswax and mineral oil,  Jim’s bowls are turned from a wide variety of species and are both decorative and food safe.